The NIEF Portal serves as a directory resource to users within the National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF). This page provides a brief description of how the Portal works, including a summary of the services it provides and the user authentication model it supports. The page also provides details about how to become a Portal administrator within your local agency, for the benefit of managers and system administrators within NIEF member agencies.
Portal Services
The NIEF Portal provides the following services to users:
  • Resource Directory - The Portal provides a complete, detailed list of resources available to federation users, including a description of each resource, the latest status (up/down) of each resource, resource-specific announcements (about topics such as scheduled downtime and changes), and resource URL.
  • News and Announcements - The Portal serves as a central location for various federation-wide announcements that impact users, including the addition of new online resources, addition of new member agencies to the federation, and other pertinent topics.
  • Problem Reporting - The Portal provides a submission form through which users can report problems such as resource outages, access errors, and other problems that may occur during normal usage of federation resources.
User Authentication Model
The NIEF Portal is part of the National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF), in which participating agencies implement a user authentication paradigm called Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO enables a user to connect to any number of federation resources within the same login session after logging in only one time. It may sound complex, but it's really quite simple and convenient. Click on the Login link to learn more about how to login to the Portal.
Becoming a Portal Administrator for Your Organization
In addition to providing services to end-users, the NIEF Portal also provides administrative interfaces for NIEF member agencies to manage the Portal's information about their federation resources. If you are a manager or system administrator at a NIEF member agency, and you would like to have administrative rights to manage your agency's profile and data within the Portal, please send email to NIEF Support with your contact information (email address and phone number). The NIEF Federation Manager will then contact you about setting up an administrative account on the Portal.