Submitting a New Attribute Definition to the Registry

We welcome the submission of new attribute definitions to the registry. To submit a new attribute definition, please send email to with the following information.
  1. Attribute Name - Please try to choose a name that is descriptive and unambiguous, yet concise.
  2. Attribute Definition - Create a suitable definition for the attribute, based on its intended purpose and usage. As with the name, the definition should be descriptive and unambiguous.
  3. Data Type - Identify the data type for the new attribute. The set of data types currently available includes "Boolean", "Text", "Date", "DateTime", "Base-64 Binary", "URI", and "Trustmark Reference", as well as all code sets defined on the Code Sets page. If you are unsure about which data type to use for the attribute, we can help you decide. Also, if you would like to propose a new code set for the attribute, you may do so, as long as it does not duplicate the contents of one of the registry's existing code sets.
  4. Usage Information - If you wish, you may provide any relevant additional information that you believe users of the attribute should know about how to use the attribute.
  5. Example Content - If you wish, you may provide one or more sample attribute values that would typically be used for this attribute.
  6. Misc. Notes - If you wish, you may provide any additional information that you believe should be published about this attribute in the registry.
  7. Aliases - If you are aware of any other attribute, in any other attribute dictionary or registry, that captures the same concept as this proposed attribute, please include information about those attributes. If possible, include pointers (e.g., URLs) to appropriate information about any such attributes.
  8. Point of Contact - So that we may follow up with you as needed, please provide a Point of Contact (POC) in the form of an email address (preferred) and/or a phone number. We will not publish this POC information in the registry with the attribute definition, unless you explicitly request that we do so.