RISS Organization Category Code

Active / In Use

11State Government Executive
12County Government Executive
13Local Government Executive
14Tribal Government Executive
15Federal Government Executive
16Federal Government Agency Official
21State Emergency Management
22County Emergency Management
23Local Emergency Management
24Tribal Emergency Management
25Fire Department
26Emergency Medical Provider
27Special Skill Rescue Unit
28Disaster Relief
41State Public Health Executive
42County Public Health Executive
43Local Public Health Executive
44Tribal Public Health Executive
51Public Utility - Water
52Public Utility - Power
53Public Utility - Other
54Private Utility - Water
55Private Utility - Power
56Private Utility - Other
60Environmental Protection Agencies
81National Guard Executive
82RISS Member
83Non-RISS Member
85Postal and Shipping
86Chemical Industry
87Telecommunication Industry
88Transportation Industry
89Agriculture and Food Industry
90Certified Police Instructor
91Banking and Finance Industry
92Hotel Industry
93Private Security Industry
ABAlcohol Beverage Control
AFAlcohol Tobacco Fire
AGAttorney General
APAirport Police
ATAirport Task Force
BIBureau of Indian Affairs
BLBureau Land Management
BPBorder Patrol
BUBureau of Investigation
CACo Attorneys Office
CGCoast Guard
CPCounty Police
CUU. S. Customs
DADistrict Attorney
DCDepartment of Corrections
DDDepartment of Defense
DEDrug Enforcement Administration
DGDivision of Gaming Enforcement
DIDepartment of Insurance
DJDepartment of Justice
DLDivision of Law Enforcement
DSDepartment of Public Safety
FAFederal Agency
FBFederal Bureau of Investigation
FGFish and Game
FIFire Services - Fire Marshal Depts
FSForest Service
GCGaming Control Board
HPHighway Patrol
HRHorse Racing Board
IRInternal Revenue Service
ISImmigration Service
JDJudicial District
MIMilitary Intelligence
MOMarshal Office
NINaval and Investigative Service
NPNational Park
OCOC Task Force
OROther Railroad
PBParole and Probation
PDPolice Department
PFPolice Force
PIPostal Inspector
POProsecutors Office
PPPort Police
RSRegional Information Sharing System
SAState Agency
SCState Controllers
SLState Lottery
SNState Narcotics Enforcement
SOSheriffs Office
SPState Police
SRSecretary of State
SSSecret Service
STState Trooper
SWSouthwest Border States
TFTask Force
TPTribal Police Department
UAU. S. Attorney
UFU. S. Federal Aviation Administration
UPUniversity Police