Census Occupation Category Code

Active / In Use

1Administrators and Officials, Public Administration
2Other Executive, Administrators, and Managers
3Management Related Occupations
5Mathematical and Computer Scientists
6Natural Scientists
7Health Diagnosing Occupations
8Health Assessment and Treating Occupations
9Teachers, College and University
10Teachers, Except College and University
11Lawyers and Judges
12Other Professional Specialty Occupations
13Health Technologists and Technicians
14Engineering and Science Technicians
15Technicians, Except Health Engineering, and Science
16Supervisors and Proprietors, Sales Occupations
17Sales Representatives, Finance, and Business Service
18Sales Representatives, Commodities, Except Retail
19Sales Workers, Retail and Personal Services
20Sales Related Occupations
21Supervisors - Administrative Support
22Computer Equipment Operators
23Secretaries, Stenographers, and Typists
24Financial Records, Processing Occupations
25Mail and Message Distributing
26Other Administrative Support Occupations, Including Clerical
27Private Household Service Occupations
28Protective Service Occupations
29Food Service Occupations
30Health Service Occupations
31Cleaning and Building Service Occupations
32Personal Service Occupations
33Mechanics and Repairers
34Construction Trades
35Other Precision Production Occupations
36Machine Operators and Tenders, Except Precision
37Fabricators, Assemblers, Inspectors, and Samplers
38Motor Vehicle Operators
39Other Transportation Occupations and Meterial Moving
40Construction Laborer
41Freight, Stock and Material Handlers
42Other Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, and Laborers
43Farm Operators and Managers
44Farm Workers and Related Occupations
45Forestry and Fishing Occupations
46Armed Forces last job, currently unemployed