United States Law Enforcement Officer Indicator

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True if the user is a United States law enforcement officer (LEO), false otherwise.

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An IDP may assert that a user is a U.S. LEO if all of the following conditions are true.

1. The user is a full time employee of a government recognized law enforcement agency.
2. The user is authorized (has the authority) to make an arrest or has been certified to engage in criminal investigations.
3. The user is certified by an Official Certifying Authority (i.e., Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)), or equivalent.

Legal values for this attribute are "true", "false", "1", and "0", where "1" indicates true and "0" indicates false.

Example Content

true, false, 1, 0

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El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) trusted partner requirements.

Misc. Notes

This attribute is similar to the GFIPM attribute (gfipm:2.0:user:SwornLawEnforcementOfficerIndicator), but cannot be asserted in delegated use cases. The GFIPM attribute can be asserted for support staff acting on behalf of a SLEO, while this attribute requires the user to be a LEO, although it is more flexible in that investigators not certified to make arrests can still assert the attribute.